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Staying connected is absolutely essential to the modern workplace or educational institution. Good wifi is expected everywhere you go, whether it’s the local library or fast-food, a strong network is pretty much guaranteed. 

You need to be able to rely on your connection to the internet, and your connection throughout your business. In many instances, such as massive-scale, global mining operations, network faults and downtime can be seriously expensive, and data loss an unforgivable mistake. 

In some cases, a bustling and high-volume office environment just requires high speed connections and fast transfer speeds between operators and devices. If you’re a printing company, sending high volumes of data between workstations and printing equipment, you want the bottleneck to be the printer itself running at maximum capacity- not your network. 

For any network solution, Scott Comms has the experience and expertise to meet your needs. We’re capable, clever and thorough- which means you get a network that’s built to last, with any potential hiccups already thought of and prevented. Our interest in building quality networks means you don’t have to worry about redundancy, or a shonky job. 

The last thing the project manager in charge of building BHP’s infamous black tower needed to worry about was poorly built networks. Can you imagine the cost redoing the data systems in that building if they weren’t up to scratch? Or the cost to the company itself in downtime and missed schedules. 

We certainly wouldn’t, which is why we’d only use reputable, competent communications contractors Perth – funnily enough, that’s us.

Basics of Networking

The specifics of what is a network vary somewhat. Generally speaking, a business network enables communications inside the network between operators, workstations and devices, and connects to the wider internet, the world wide web. 

That phrase itself does a pretty good job of summing the internet up too; the World Wide Web is just a web of connections between devices- websites are stored on servers, which are just fancy devices, but that’s a story for another time. 

In the modern business, employees need to be able to reach each other, the servers that contain the data they need to conduct work, and the wider internet. To this end, there are a number of technologies that enable that connection. Well, more like 2. Wired and wireless, or WiFi and Ethernet.

We all know what WiFi is- it’s the magical pizza symbol that lets you watch YouTube from the toilet. Ethernet is equally simple, instead of a magic floating pizza, it’s the annoying blue cord plugged into the back of your printer or desktop computer. 

A combination of both WiFi and Ethernet connections is the ideal solution for most businesses, as each type of communications connection has particular strengths. Where possible, network connections should be made with high-quality, permanent network cabling, and where mobility and flexibility are required high-quality WiFi is the only solution.

WiFi vs Ethernet

The difference between the two when it comes to functionality is pretty simple. A wired connection is a more stable communications channel with higher data transfer speeds but a WiFi connection is portable and doesn’t require the physical cable.

While wireless networking speeds are getting faster, and may one day be as fast as a traditional copper cable network, for now they’re not even close. Wired network speeds are generally ten times faster than wifi, for data transfer, and can be up to 100 times faster.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean plugging a computer into ethernet will ten times your download speed. Transfer speeds do vary greatly, and this will very much affect your network’s communications speed, however often wireless networks are plenty fast enough for internet usage. This is due to the actual internet transfer speeds being lower than the potential wifi speeds. 

Where network transfer speeds become important is in data transfer and Network Attached Storage, or NAS. These are two of the primary functions that dictate the need for a good network for business- particularly educational institutes and data-intensive corporations.

NAS & Data Storage

Network Attached Storage is essentially shared data storage for a network, allowing team members to work collaboratively and store documents and projects in a shared space. This reduces the need for an individual’s personal workstation to have excessive storage space, and cuts down on frequent, cumbersome data transfer.  

There’s a broad range of options when it comes to NAS, with different selling points and advantages that will determine your choice. However, the necessary cabling and network infrastructure required to make good use of it remains standard, but should be tailored to your specific business set up and demands. For expert advice on the best setup to meet your data needs, get in touch with us today for an obligation free conversation, or a quote on the ideal data & storage network solution for your business.

Universities & Tafe

Educational institutes require extremely sophisticated network systems. Universities with thousands of students, all making use of the network to work collaboratively, research internally via library systems and externally via the internet place an incredible demand on the communications infrastructure. 

Kilometres of cabling and thousands of individual network devices enable complete coverage of an educational institute with high-speed internet and data transfer, and keep data storage and servers synced. However, it’s not as simple as just buying those thousands of metres and devices from Office Works and getting stuck in, there are important factors to consider in order to minimise bottlenecks and keep your network high-functioning.

Copper vs Fibre Optic Cabling

Traditional connections, for electricity, phone and even internet until recently have all been made with copper wiring. This is for a pretty simple reason, of all the metals known to us, copper is the best for balancing connectivity with cost and availability. For a long time, copper was good enough.

But with the increasing demands globally for high speed communications and the incredible amount of data we’re now sharing, we’ve found the limits of what can be done with copper. The solution to that is fibre-optic cable, which is essentially communications cable made from glass fibre. The Australian NBN is made possible through the use of fibre cable, and fibre is the critical component for high-speed data transfer and communications. 

For more information on Fibre Optic cabling, and the specifics of what makes it so much faster than traditional copper, check out our page on Fibre Optic Networking.

If your business has big data needs or even is just a business with many employees or stakeholders, or students like a university, then at some point in your network there will be a bottleneck that brings it all to a screeching halt. Generally, this will be where your network connects to the internet and is due to a thing called bandwidth.

What is bandwidth?

Consider communications via fixed line, so copper or fibre optic, to be a highway. If copper is a double lane highway, fibre optic is a twenty lane mega freeway. There are only so many cars that can pass through at a time, and when it gets really busy traffic slows down. Your internet works exactly the same way, and this is called bandwidth. 

Internet Service Providers can give you a higher bandwidth allocation to meet the demands of your business, but eventually there’s only so many emergency lanes they can add. At this point, it’s time for a major construction project to increase the lanes.

Connect Your Network to the NBN

Luckily for you, connecting your network to the internet via fibre connections, where the NBN is available, is a much quicker project than building a highway. It’s something we’re extremely experienced in, and have built a reputation for quality NBN installs and were involved in the national rollout of the NBN.  The parts we built never had an issue, because thoroughness and attention to detail are some of our core values as a team, and a business.

Tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen

If you’ve got any more questions on the specifics of networking, be it data network solutions, wifi networking or general business infrastructure- get in touch today. We’re an experienced team with all the answers, and would love to help you ensure your business’ network is as capable as the rest of your team. 

If you just want it done, tell us exactly what you require from a communications network, and how far into the future you want to plan for. Expect to scale your business to double in the next few years, and need your network to be able to scale too? We can deliver you the perfect network for now, with the potential to easily scale to meet future demands. 

Give us a call today, and let’s make it happen.

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