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Scott Comms is a reliable, knowledgeable electrical company in Perth. Our main priority is ensuring industrial businesses can comply with Health and Safety regulations and create an efficient, successful electrical system. It’s imperative that industrial companies have reliable power as if it cuts out the owner will be losing money and precious time. Everything needs to be safe and secure as well, as there are often employees operating heavy machinery and dealing with delicate situations. That’s why our qualified team of electricians in Perth is the right choice – our versatile, specialised skill set prepares us for dealing with these complex projects. 

The experts at Scott Comms have experience completing high-quality work for the military, and the civil construction and communications industries. We can carry out installations as well as maintenance on a variety of electrical systems, including production, manufacturing, and warehouse facility equipment. Our team has a defence force background, so you can be sure that we’re always accurate and efficient – not only successfully fixing problems but creating systems that prevent electrical issues from occurring.


It can be a disaster if the power goes out at an industrial facility, as it will hold up the whole day’s work. The best way to prepare for this situation is to invest in a quality generator – and Scott Comms have got you covered. Our range of generators are all from premium brands such as Yamaha and Cummins, and you can choose from either petrol or diesel-powered options depending on your needs. We offer great deals on our generators, including maintenance and extended warranties at excellent prices – so that you can be sure your company is looked after. 


Any generator needs to be cleaned and oiled on a regular basis, and requires checks to make sure the batteries aren’t failing, or there isn’t condensation inside the generator leading to rust. Our electrical contractors in Perth will provide thorough repairs, maintenance and servicing on your generator so that it remains long-lasting, and we’re available for a call to make sure it isn’t just an easy fix. 

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Electric motors are in everything: conveyor belts, electric hand tools, and highly specialised machinery – that’s why it’s a necessity for any industrial facility to have a reliable electrician they can call on. Here at Scott Comms, we can solve any of your industrial electrical needs, and we specialise in the installation, diagnosis and repair of electric motors. 


Our team of expert industrial electricians in Perth will help you figure out exactly what type of electric motor your business needs. We take into account the power source, what it needs to achieve, and what application it’s for, and then decide on the ideal size and make of motor that will best serve your requirements. When an electric motor isn’t working, the problem behind it’s usually complicated, and definitely always requires a professional to carry out the repairs – so choose us to fix anything from worn brushes to broken computer circuitry. Our aim is to make the process as easy as possible, so we organise the delivery and installation of the motor at a time that suits you. 


The electrical systems at industrial facilities are complex and require experienced electricians with the correct licenses and qualifications to carry out maintenance, installation and repair work. If you’re experiencing malfunctioning equipment, then the electricians at Scott Comms can help by checking your instrumentation temperature and pressure, the configuration of your smart devices, and the HMI and PLC configuration. 


We only install the most high-quality industrial instrumentation and offer on-site calibration of your instrumentation equipment so that you can be back up and running as soon as possible. Our services include replacement if the instrumentation is beyond repair, and we even provide a range of restored equipment options if you’re looking for a more affordable option. This equipment is secondhand, but has been checked and calibrated to ensure safety and effectiveness. 


So if you need the assistance of an expert industrial electrician for your business, choose the qualified team at Scott Comms. We’re always available to offer a no-obligation quote, so contact our friendly team today.

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Provat Roy
Provat Roy
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Best electrician team I have ever met. Excellent team work with enthusiasm. Know their job very well. Professional and friendly. Definitely would like to hire them again & again
Karen Butler
Karen Butler
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We were taken advantage of by another company Scott very kindly did a comparison quote for us at no charge . There are some honest and decent people in thisworld Faith in humanity restored Thanks Scott
Brice Servais
Brice Servais
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6:00PM big storm knocked off half the power in the house. one phone call later, and we're running on a (free) generator for the night until a proper repair in the morning. THAT is service.
Guerrero Hughuez
Guerrero Hughuez
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Awesome job fellas. Really like how you go about business. You'll go far!