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Communications and Data

Communications and Data

If you want to install a communications service on a residential property, you can simply plug a router into the wall – but with commercial and industrial businesses the process is a bit more complicated. Luckily, the experts at Scott Comms are qualified communications contractors, and we can easily help you upgrade your home or your business to NBN, and handle network validation and lead-ins. We carry out quality, skilled work that will ensure your house or business premises has a reliable communications system.


The team at Scott Comms completes jobs to a high standard. There are no quick shortcuts or low-quality repairs made by our electricians – as we aim to reduce recurring problems and save you money in the long run. We’re fully licensed to complete accurate NBN installations, extensions and repairs, as well as both home and commercial network setups – including coaxial, fibre optic and structured. 

Fibre Optic

The reason NBN is such a big deal is because of its fibre optic cabling. These cables transmit data across long distances much quicker than any other technology. Here at Scott Comms, we recommend NBN installation, as it’s the latest networking technology and can be incredibly useful, especially if you have a business that relies heavily on the internet. Our experienced team of electricians will sit down with you and create a plan for your network cabling to ensure you receive the most effective system for your needs. 


Benefits of fibre optic cabling:


  • Faster than copper wiring 
  • Higher bandwidth than traditional cabling
  • Durable and reliable, resulting in lower maintenance costs
  • Isn’t flammable so won’t be a fire hazard
Fibre Optic cables
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Antenna Cabling

Many people believe that antenna cabling has become obsolete since everyone changed from analog to digital television, but actually, the signal for the digital TV is still received through an antenna. Here at Scott Comms, we ensure that you have premium antennas and cabling so that the signal quality and communication receival speeds will be satisfactory and your device will run smoothly. If your signal isn’t working very well, then we will check that the antenna cabling isn’t old, excessively long, or broken, and we will make sure the cable is the right one for the type of signal receiver and application. We’re the experts to choose for any antenna cabling installation or repairs, especially for commercial properties, as it’s important to provide the best communications system for your employees or residents. 

WiFi & Data Networking Solutions

Having a reliable internet connection is a vital part of living in the modern world, and important parts of our daily systems rely on it. The internet is used for nearly every part of society, whether it’s in an office, school, home or industrial facility – people expect you to have access to WiFi. 


Scott Comms is a knowledgeable WiFi and data networking solutions provider, and we have the expertise to install a high-tech network that meets your needs, while also preventing any future issues from coming up. Our team can offer both WiFi and ethernet networks connections and will provide advice on which type is suitable for your home or business requirements. 

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In-home Communications

When you visualise a ‘smart home’ it might seem like an expensive idea, or something out of a science fiction movie – but in reality, it’s an affordable option for anyone who wants to increase safety and security in their house. Our team of in-home communications experts at Scott Comms are ready to help you transform your home security system with video-camera doorbells, and high-quality CCTV and alarms. We can also create a more accessible home for elderly people, or those living with a disability – these systems include intelligent climate and light control, and door locking systems which are all operated through an app. 


Scott Comms are here to help you create the best communications system for your home or business premises. If you’re looking for fast, reliable WiFi, want to install NBN, or create a smart home for your loved one – then feel free to get in touch today. 

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Provat Roy
Provat Roy
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Best electrician team I have ever met. Excellent team work with enthusiasm. Know their job very well. Professional and friendly. Definitely would like to hire them again & again
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Karen Butler
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We were taken advantage of by another company Scott very kindly did a comparison quote for us at no charge . There are some honest and decent people in thisworld Faith in humanity restored Thanks Scott
Brice Servais
Brice Servais
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6:00PM big storm knocked off half the power in the house. one phone call later, and we're running on a (free) generator for the night until a proper repair in the morning. THAT is service.
Guerrero Hughuez
Guerrero Hughuez
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Awesome job fellas. Really like how you go about business. You'll go far!