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Here at Scott Comms, our qualified and experienced electrical and commercial contractors offer our services to customers all over Perth. Our team is the most reliable choice for any of your commercial electrical needs, as we provide full-service installations, new development electrical work, and a range of maintenance and repairs services. 

Many people aren’t aware that commercial electrical projects require a range of skills and knowledge that aren’t needed for residential work – which means the electricians have to be highly qualified. As expert commercial electricians in Perth, we understand that the success of these large projects will impact many people and affect the safety of a major building, so we always ensure that the work is carried out to a high standard.

Commercial Lighting Services

Scott Comms provides a variety of general light and power services for commercial customers, including lighting installation and wiring, maintenance and repairs, and assistance with energy efficiency. Our knowledgeable electrical contractors will follow all the necessary procedures to ensure your workplace electrical system is safe and reliable. 

If you need some new lighting, then our electrical experts can come up with a carefully thought out lighting and wiring plan, so that the light switches will be in the ideal position for easy accessibility. Also, if you’re having problems conserving energy at your commercial premises, we can locate the inefficient lighting setups and install sensor lights and new technology to lower your power bill. We do recommend that you always choose a licensed electrician in Perth for any workplace lighting maintenance as well, even though some lighting repairs seem like you could easily fix them yourself, it’s not a good idea to do so.

Commercial Electrical Perth
LED Lighting Services

LED Lighting Products

For commercial premises, the efficiency and effectiveness of your lighting is even more important than in residential situations. The lights in an industrial facility must meet Health and Safety regulations, and provide enough illumination that employees can easily see and complete their work at any time of day. Also, if you’re running a commercial facility such as this, you will be concerned with the power bill, and wondering how you can stay on top of your environmental impact while lowering costs at the same time. 


Here at Scott Comms, we offer a wide range of LED lighting products, so that commercial premises have access to the most successful, energy-efficient lighting. LED lighting systems produce high-quality light, and are more energy-efficient than halogen or fluorescent lights because they produce about half the heat. As a result, they cost less to run. Our products include precise lighting systems that are ideal for the health sector, floodlighting for truck yards and loading docks and output panel lighting for warehouses. 

Business Wiring

Reliable and safe electrical systems are a necessity for any business, as when the electricity messes up it can dramatically affect your costs and efficiency. The experts at Scott Comms can ensure your business wiring is set up in the most productive way so that it will conserve energy and provide consistent power. We can carry out fault-finding tests that include inspections and replacements of fuses, circuit breakers and outlets, as well as rewiring for old buildings and preparation of commercial wiring plans. 


Whether you are a retail, hospitality or industrial business, we are committed to providing accurate, thorough commercial electrician services to ensure you have a successful business that complies with regulations. 


So if you want to make sure your commercial premises is saving money while remaining a safe and efficient place for your employees to work, choose Scott Comms as your electrical contractors in Perth. Contact our friendly team to find out more about our services.

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Provat Roy
Provat Roy
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Best electrician team I have ever met. Excellent team work with enthusiasm. Know their job very well. Professional and friendly. Definitely would like to hire them again & again
Karen Butler
Karen Butler
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We were taken advantage of by another company Scott very kindly did a comparison quote for us at no charge . There are some honest and decent people in thisworld Faith in humanity restored Thanks Scott
Brice Servais
Brice Servais
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6:00PM big storm knocked off half the power in the house. one phone call later, and we're running on a (free) generator for the night until a proper repair in the morning. THAT is service.
Guerrero Hughuez
Guerrero Hughuez
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Awesome job fellas. Really like how you go about business. You'll go far!