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Why Your Business Needs LED Office Lighting

LED office lighting
Offices are designed to be productive and comfortable spaces where employees can get work done. However, the costs involved in running this space properly can quickly add up. Energy usage takes up a hefty amount of these costs, particularly from an electricity standpoint. 
One simple way to lower these costs and add a number of other benefits to your office is by making the switch to the more efficient LED office lighting.


If you are considering having LED lighting installed in your office, get in contact with the commercial electricians in Perth at Scott Comms. 


Fluorescent vs LED Lights 

Many offices, particularly in old buildings, may still be fitted with dated fluorescent lighting which has a significantly smaller lifespan in comparison to LED lights. 


One of the reasons that LED lights have overtaken fluorescent lighting in recent years is that the fluorescent lights’ life is greatly reduced when they are often switched off and on. Furthermore, fluorescent lights contain a number of hazardous materials such as mercury and phosphor, which makes their disposal more of a challenge.


Fluorescent lighting tubes also produce light in 360 degrees, which means that there’s a lot of energy and light that’s simply going to waste. In some instances, there are accessories needed to help reflect and redirect this light into the room, which adds to the costs of the light. 


Benefits of LED Lights 

  • An LED light can actually outlast other forms of lights by up to many thousands of hours. Typically they’ll outlast the average lifetime on the box of the lights as this figure is based on the amount of time taken for the bulb to decrease to 30% of its lumen output. 
  • LED lightbulbs are far more energy-efficient than other bulbs, which typically churn through a large amount of energy by transforming it into heat. Their lower heat levels also make them safer to use and replace than other bulbs. 
  • In office or commercial spaces where lights are required at all hours, these energy-efficient LED lights are even more beneficial. 
  • LEDs also have the capability of emitting an incredibly high brightness level. 
  • One thing you’ll quickly notice with LED lights is how close they come to matching natural sunlight.
  • They create lower CO2 emissions and do not contain hazardous hazardous materials such as the mercury that fluorescent bulbs contain.
  • Not needing to replace them as often, your business can save on electrical maintenance costs and time on a replacement as well. 


Promoting Productivity 

Sometimes all you need to boost the productivity of your office is by making a few simple changes to create a more desirable and comfortable working environment. Many studies have shown that a properly lit office space can contribute to greater levels of job satisfaction, boosts in mood, and an increase in productivity. 


Although natural lighting through windows is the optimal source of lighting, most office spaces need LED lights to help fill in the gaps and complement this natural light. 


Installing LED lights in the office 

If you’d like to make the upgrade and switch to LED office lighting, you’ll need to get in contact with a licensed electrician in Perth. The electricians at Scott Comms have years of experience in installing LED lighting solutions in commercial spaces, helping you to reap the benefits of these lights as soon as possible.


If you want to take advantage of the affordable LED lighting, get in touch with the electricians at Scott Comms today on (08) 6107 4553, or send us an enquiry with the electrical requirements of your office space.

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