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What you need to know about your home internet speed!

Home Internet Speed

Our internet plays such a pivotal role in our lives that we often take it for granted up until the point when we see a little slowdown in our service. Particularly with many people now taking on working from home roles, or being in a hybrid home/office environment, our internet speed dictates much of our day. Whether you’re sending a quick email or endlessly scrolling through Instagram, you need a fast and capable internet connection to match your lifestyle. This blog from the electrician Perth at Scott Comms aims to give you an insight into your home internet speed,  before providing you with a few actionable tips on how to speed up your home internet.


What Affects Home Internet Speed?

As you might imagine, your internet speed is largely determined by your ISP and the type of connection they provide. However, the internet speed that you get at home is also dependant upon the following significant factors.



If you’re wired in with an ethernet cable you’ll always receive a higher quality, stable and faster connection speeds than those simply connected to then the WiFi router. If you are required to take part in large amounts of data transfer, a wired connection can provide speeds around 10 times faster than that of a WiFi connection.



If you do use WiFi you might want to rethink the placement of your router when looking to improve your home internet speed. This is a critical aspect of your internet speed and can have a significant impact upon your internet experience depending on where in the household you are accessing it from. Check to see the age of your router, as if this device is more than four years old, you should be thinking about upgrading to a more efficient model.



This is another important factor for those living in households with larger amounts of people. Just like a highway may get congested with traffic when there are more people on it, so too will your internet speed slow down when more people are attempting to use the network. This is why you may experience high amounts of latency when there are more people hopping on Netflix in the evening. Simply put, latency is the amount of time taken or delay between information being sent between two points.


How to Measure Home Internet Speed 

If you’re looking to see how fast your current home internet speed is there are a number of free tools that you can use. Google even has its own internet speed test when you simply search for “home internet speed”. This will tell you your Mbps download and upload speed, as well as the latency that you’re receiving.


How to Speed Up Home Internet


Although your service provider undoubtedly plays the largest role in determining your internet speed at home, there are some other important factors to be aware of so you can help speed up your home internet.

  1. Check the positioning of your router, and see if there may be a more suitable position to place the router in regards to where you access the internet from.

  2. Again you should try a new router, as the age of your current router may be affecting its performance in providing solid internet speeds for your home. It doesn’t matter the speeds that your ISP promises, if your router isn’t up to the task, every time you flip open your laptop and get on the internet, you won’t be accessing it at those speeds you desire.

  3. You may also want to consider a WiFi extender to help boost the range of your WiFi connection to different areas around your home. There are also options to install new firmware on your router to help it output more power in operation. These can help to speed up home internet when done correctly.

  4. If you do require a faster internet speed where you need to transfer a large amount of data each day, you should look to wire your device directly with an ethernet cable. Although WiFi offers portability that many people love at home, if you do have a home office setup, you should consider wiring in for a more stable home internet speed.

  5. Compare the speeds of different internet browsers, as these can sometimes determine your overall internet experience. You may also want to update your browser to the latest version, ensuring you are having the fastest and most secure connection. Different browsers can process data more or less efficiently, and so this can ultimately affect your internet speed.

Scott Comms – Electrician Perth

If you’re looking to truly diagnose the issues in your home relating to your home internet speed, you need to get an experienced communications electrician Perth in to conduct a thorough analysis. Scott Comms can help with professional network installations, NBN repair and installation, and identify areas in which you could be improving your home internet speed.

Give our communications contractors specialists at Scott Comms a call today on (08) 6107 4553, or send us an enquiry to get a free quote for your job. Don’t forget that we offer a $0 callout fee on our electrical and communications services.

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