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What Household Appliances Use The Most Energy?

Household Appliances

Not everyone is aware of how much energy their individual appliances consume. However, it’s always a good idea to check what household appliances use the most energy, as then you can plan your usage of them accordingly. You might also find areas where you can make the swap to more energy-efficient appliances. Read on to learn the best ways to save money on your power bill, and to find out which of your appliances is secretly draining your energy.



Refrigerators are usually the largest energy consumers in the home, as they run 24 hours a day and are always trying to maintain a consistent temperature. If you have a big family and need lots of space for food storage, or you enjoy entertaining and have fridges in various locations throughout your home, your energy consumption will be even higher. 


An important tip for reducing energy consumption is to make sure you shut the fridge door properly, as this stops it from working too hard to keep the right temperature. You should also regularly defrost and clean your fridge, because the accumulation of ice can affect the temperature. As fridges are the household appliance that uses the most energy, implementing these energy-saving ideas can dramatically decrease your electricity bill. 


TV & Computer

In recent months, our usage of televisions and computers has increased greatly, and so it’s important to factor this in when managing your energy consumption. The combination of all of your devices has a significant impact on your energy bill, especially since they are usually left on standby when they aren’t being used. 


The easiest way to reduce the energy usage of home entertainment devices is to make sure you turn them off properly – not just put them on standby. You can also save some money with an LED television, which uses about 25% less power than an LCD. It’s also more energy-efficient to choose a laptop rather than a desktop computer. 


Air Conditioner

The home appliance that uses the most energy can change depending on the season. This is because during the extremely hot or cold months the amount you use your air conditioner skyrockets. There are a couple of ways to help save energy in this area – while avoiding suffering and not using your air conditioner as much. Split system air conditioners use less power than some other models, and you can also buy a programmable thermostat to regulate the temperature for you and help conserve power.  


Oven & Dishwasher

The dishwasher is usually the home appliance that uses the least energy, and in some cases, it actually uses less power than washing dishes by hand. However, if you want to cover all your bases and avoid wasting any energy, you could make sure to only wash full loads of dishes. 


Your oven isn’t at the top of energy-draining appliances either, but it’s still important to use it efficiently. Just avoid leaving the oven door open too much, and make sure you put lids on pots when cooking to retain the heat.   


Washing Machine & Dryer

A washing machine can be one of the most significant contributors to high power bills, especially in homes with big families. It’s important when choosing a washing machine to pick one in a size that suits your needs, and you should also consider a front loader, as they’re more energy-efficient. 


Dryers are notorious for their energy consumption, and are less of a necessity than washing machines, particularly in the summer months when a clothesline may be a better choice. Another way to save on energy costs is to make sure you use the spin cycle on your washing machine before putting the clothes in the dryer. 


Think About An Electrical Inspection

Sometimes you might notice that your energy bill is much higher than it should be. If you’re still shocked by your bill after following our simple energy-saving tips, then perhaps what your home needs is an energy inefficiency investigation. This electrical safety inspection includes checking for old appliances, inefficient lights, and faulty internal circuits. You can also invest in an electrical safety check at the same time – this ensures any potential electrical hazards in your home are taken care of safely. 


Electrical Safety Inspection


If you need professional advice concerning what household appliances use the most energy, or you would like an expert energy inefficiency investigation, then you should get in contact with an electrician in Perth at Scott Comms. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today on (08) 6107 4553, or send an online enquiry.

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