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What exactly is an Electrical Power Surge?


As one of the most common electrical issues that can happen in any of our homes, chances are you’ve experienced a power surge in your lifetime. But just what exactly is a purge surge, and what are some of the usual culprits behind them? This blog from Scott Comms is your quick guide to power surges, helping you to understand the common causes and how you can avoid them in the future. This way, you’ll be making sure your family stays safe and your home isn’t subject to any avoidable electrical damage.


What is a Power Surge?

A power surge is essentially a spike in the electrical charge at a spot in the power grid. This spike then creates an increase in the electrical potential energy, which can lead to a boost in the electrical current that flows to your usual wall outlets. The voltage involved in these power surges can vary quite significantly from a hundred to thousands of volts, depending on the origin of the surge itself.


Common causes of a power surge

There are a number of different common causes of a power surge including:

  • Power grid switching as part of regular work from electrical utility company can cause a power surge

  • After experiencing a blackout or power outage, the sudden jump in current once the power comes back can create a power surge.

  • Faulty wiring or old appliances have the potential to cause a power surge. Damaged wiring offers little in terms of electric resistance, and as a result, all sorts of conductive materials have the potential to spike the current in the wire.

  • An electrical overload in which a single circuit is using an excessive amount of power can cause a power surge. This may also be accompanied by a tripped circuit breaker.

  • Branches or trees may crash into power lines, causing damage to the power and creating a power surge in your home.

  • One of the most interesting causes of a power surge is a lightning strike. The strike may hit your cable TV dish and create a power surge in your home.


How to avoid a power surge 

One simple way to avoid internal power surges in your home is to unplug any device that you aren’t currently using. You’ll be surprised at how many devices are left plugged in, and you could actually end up saving yourself a little money on your electricity bill.

Another important step to avoiding a power surge is to upgrade any old or faulty wiring that could contribute to a surge. If you’re regularly experiencing a tripped circuit breaker, this could be a sign that some of your wires need replacing. Always make sure that you have a licensed professional come to your home to rewire appliances or other wiring in your home.

Although regular surge protectors can also help with avoiding a surge, you can’t always rely on them, particularly in rooms where you don’t have space for them. You may also want to install special electrical outlets that provide protection against a power surge. These help to block excess voltage from reaching your electrical devices in the event of a surge.


Scott Comms – Electrician Perth

If you’ve experienced power surges in the past or would like to help protect your home against any future surges, it’s best to have an experienced residential electrician Perth inspect your home. We can identify any damaged wiring or other potential issues that could result in a power surge, helping to keep your home safe and sound. Our electricians in Perth will also advise you on other methods that you could implement to avoid power surges and ways that you can be using electricity more efficiently in your home.


Give our electrical contractors Perth at Scott Comms a call today on (08) 6107 4553, or send us an enquiry to get a free quote for your job. Don’t forget that we offer a $0 callout fee on our electrical services.

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