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The Most Common House Electrical Problems and How To Spot Them

When people experience electrical issues in their home, they’re often unsure whether the problem is serious or if it has a simple fix – some people may even be tempted to ignore telltale signs that it’s a dangerous electrical hazard just to save money or time. However, going and fiddling with some wires when you’re not confident can see the danger level present in your home skyrocket. So, the expert residential electricians at Scott Comms have put together this article to help homeowners figure out how to spot common house electrical problems, and to explain what they should do when they find them. Our main concern is keeping you safe, and ensuring your house is a secure environment for you and your family.


common house electrical problems


Electrical Surges or Dips


Electrical Surges or DipsOne common electrical issue for households to experience is that of electrical surges during a storm, but if you have surges happening frequently then there could be an underlying problem. Electrical power surges can be caused by inadequate electrical connections in your home, damaged power lines or broken appliances. Frequent electrical surges have a high danger level because over time they will damage the electrical components attached to your house, break appliances, or could even cause an electrical fire. Electrical dips are similar in that if they only happen a couple of times then they won’t be a significant issue, but if they’re regularly being caused by an old, power-hungry appliance, you may need to replace it.


Circuit Breaker Is Tripping


Circuit Breaker Is TrippingA circuit breaker is meant to trip, as they protect your home by detecting issues in the flow of electrical currents – such as when a circuit is overloaded – and then breaking apart the circuits to prevent problems occurring. Since your circuit breaker is tripping to protect you and your house, you must always check what has caused it. If this doesn’t happen very often, then you can simply check the main electrical panel in your home and flip the related switch back on.

However, if your circuit breaker is tripping frequently, then it could be because you have an old home with too many power-hungry appliances that are causing an overloaded circuit. If this is the case then you will have to use the appliances on lower settings or just not all at once. You might also have to update your electrical service or get a new circuit to bring that danger level down.


Electric Shocks


Electric ShocksIf you start receiving mild electric shocks when you plug in an appliance or switch off a light, then this needs to be dealt with immediately as it could easily turn into a deadly experience. The problem might simply be a faulty switch or appliance, and you will just need to replace it – but it could also be a serious wiring issue that a professional will have to figure out. It’s important that you don’t try and figure out what the cause of the shocks is yourself, as with a trial and error method the danger level is too high. This is one of the common electrical problems in your home where you just need to call an expert electrician to come and fix it.


Faulty Lights


Faulty lights are a common electrical problem, and the issues can include the bulbs burning out too quickly, the lights flickering, or the lights being too dim or too bright. Of course, the first thing you should check is whether you just need a new light bulb, but if the bulbs are new and you’re still experiencing these problems, then it could be something more serious.

Flickering or dimming lighting could be caused by a faulty connection or wiring system, which can eventually result in arching, overheating and then electrical fires. If your bulbs are burning out quickly, then it could be that the bulb wattage is too high, but it can also be a faulty circuit. With any of these issues, the best solution is to call a professional to come and assess the situation for you.


Easy Ways to Avoid Electrical Problems In The Home


  • Use the correct light bulbs:

Make sure you check what the correct wattage is for the light fitting before you buy the bulb, as if the bulb’s wattage is too high it can overload the outlet. You should also ensure the bulb slots properly into the fitting, as loose bulbs can overheat.

  • Avoid overloading an outlet or circuit:

If you have an old house with dated wires, make sure you don’t have multiple power-sucking appliances running at once, as your circuits won’t be designed for the amount of power that they need. Also, don’t use various adapters, extension cords and power boards at the same time as the outlet can become overloaded.


  • Don’t ignore your circuit breaker:

Don’t ignore it when your circuit breaker keeps tripping, if you do it may lead to electrical fires or electrocution caused by the fault the circuit breaker has picked up. Any opportunity to lower the danger level in your home should be taken as soon as possible.


  • Invest in a professional electrical safety inspection:

An electrical safety inspection is like a doctor’s check up for your house, as a professional residential electrician will come in and check your home for potential electrical hazards. They will look at the light switches, smoke alarms, power lines and outlets, check for kitchen appliance faults, and make sure the wiring is up-to-date.


  • Avoid using old appliances:

It’s risky to have a lot of old appliances, as their cords and wires can become frayed, they can easily malfunction, and they are a significant fire and electrocution hazard. The most common cause of a tripped circuit breaker is an old appliance that has overloaded the circuit.


When Is It Time to Call a Professional Electrician?


If you’re experiencing any of these common house electrical problems, and are unsure what the cause is, or feel it’s a dangerous issue – then you should call an expert home electrician immediately. We highly recommend getting a qualified electrician to fix common house electrical problems, as doing a DIY job or simply making so can lead to a serious, life-threatening situation.


Here at Scott Comms, our professional team knows everything from how to stop a smoke alarm beeping, to solving the cause of electric shocks or flickering lights – we also offer expert electrical safety inspections. Our electrician Perth are experienced and reliable, and are ready to answer any questions you might have – don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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