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Ready To Save Some Money On Your Power Bills? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

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Power bills are an unavoidable part of our expenses, with electricity being essential for a countless number of things in our daily lives. In combination with the rest of your bills, these expenses can add up, leaving you with a hefty sum to pay each month. Luckily, there are a few key ways in which you could be saving some valuable money on your power bills. The experienced team at Scott Comms have outlined some of these tips in this blog, ensuring you don’t pay more than you should, and leaving you with a bit of extra pocket money in the process.


Wash your clothes with cold water

Hot water is a massive user of power in our homes, with most people relying on hot water washes from their washing machine all throughout the week. Although these hot water washes do tend to produce a better result, one simple trick is to try doing a cold wash in your machine. Making sure that you only do full washes can help to save you power as well, that way you’re not running a half load every second day. You should also check to see whether your machine has any eco or water saving settings that you could be using. Although it can be difficult in the winter, you should also take advantage of the power of the sun and use a clothes line to air dry your clothes. Simply sticking your clothes in the dryer after every wash can end up seeing your power bill increase quite a bit, so it should be avoided where possible.


Always turn appliances off at the wall

This is a simple error that many people neglect to think about, but it’s also such an easy one to correct. Although you may not think that this is a big issue, when you actually picture how many electrical appliances you have around your home that are plugged in, you can see how the power usage can add up.


Leaving appliances on standby is an unnecessary waste of money, with devices such as TVs, microwaves or your handy phone charger chewing up power. It can be wise to invest in a smart powerboard, which can help to ensure you aren’t receiving that standby electricity when the appliance isn’t being used.


For comprehensive testing on your electrical appliances, to see which ones are using more than their fair share of electricity, consider calling a residential electrician in Perth. Surprisingly, and far more often than you might guess, the leading cause of a high power bill can be faulty electrical appliances sucking the kilowatts without you realising due to busted internals or a manufacturing defect!


Insulate your roof 

Adding some insulating to your roof can make an enormous difference to your power bills. Your insulation will help you cut down on the expensive costs of your heating and cooling, by allowing your home to stay at a more consistent temperature for a longer period of time. Although there is the cost to have it installed in the first place, the amount that you’ll be saving in the long run will make it well worth the investment. Effective insulation can save you up to 20% on your usual heating and cooling costs for your home.


Properly adjust your thermostat 

Everyone understands what a thermostat does in their homes, but people can often go months without even touching it. Being the overall temperature regulator, having your thermostat incorrectly set can end up costing you on your power bill. For optimum savings, if you have a central heating system you should set your thermostat between 18 and 20 degrees. In summer this can be increased to 26 degrees or above. It is important to remember that every degree above 20 degrees can add around 10% to your heating bill.


Consider the different electricity provider options

If you aren’t happy with your current electricity provider, you should be considering some of the other provider options that are available to you. Comparing pricing and reviews for different providers will help to find the most affordable and effective one to suit your requirements. Whilst energy companies are often changing their prices, they’ll often be trying to entice you to join with new deals or introductory offers popping up all the time. You should look to take advantage of these if you are planning on making a swap. However, always do your research to see the full price that you’ll be paying once these lucrative offers end.


Switch to Energy Efficient Lighting 

Many houses are fitted with old incandescent or halogen light bulbs, which can affect the cost of your power bill by quite an alarming amount. Energy efficient LED lights can help to save your power, as well as having longer lasting lives than traditional bulbs. These LED lights are very durable and are 100% recyclable, helping you to reduce your environmental footprint even further.


If you are looking at making the switch to a more efficient lighting setup, you can contact Scott Comms for a free quote and any queries you may have about your lights. We can help to advise you on the most suitable options for your home, helping you to save money on your power bills.


Contact an Electrician in Perth

When it comes to doing any electrical work in your home, it is always best to have the professional help of an experienced electrician Perth. The team at Scott Comms offers dedicated, precise and safe services across a range of electrical projects. We have the safety of your home and your loved ones in mind with every job, so you can rest assured that you will be carefully looked after. Call us for a free quote on (08) 6107 4553 or send us an enquiry today.

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