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Lighting Design For Your New Build or Renovation

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Lighting, an invention that’s enriched homes since its inception in 1879. Though it’s only been just over a century, lights have improved drastically over time. The lightbulb design has been upgraded since olden times and is now more capable of producing strong lighting with little power. Every light bulb shares a common requirement and that is they are powered by electricity no matter the situation.


Electricity is incredibly dangerous and you should always make sure to have someone who knows how to handle it with the proper safety precautions. Lucky for you, we have a great offer. There are other residential electricians in Perth but at Scott Comms, our promise is the attention to detail and thoroughness that’ll keep your family safe.


Before You Start Planning

Everyone knows that if you don’t plan something correctly you fall into problems and conundrums. This can be especially bad when you consider that just touching a live wire could cause serious harm or even just end a life. That’s why there are many regulations regarding wiring. The Scott Comms electricians are taught all of the safety protocols and regulations so that wiring and handling electricity is as safe as can be. Before you start planning, make sure to take into account hiring a general electrician to wire the lighting as well as handling other electrical requirements.


Next you need to take note that there are many different types of lights you can choose from. You can go with having a design per room or decide to keep a common theme as you work with your housing. It’s important to clarify the safety reasons beforehand so that is why most of the discussion on the lighting styles and designs will be discussed thoroughly throughout this blog as later on. Make sure to read the next part as it goes into further detail about why you need an electrician.


Who You Should Be Calling

No, it isn’t the Ghostbuster, it’s the residential electrician Perth number that you should be calling. More specifically you should be giving Scott Comms a call when you feel like you are ready to make the change. If you are looking to install lights, plugs or any other electronic device you need an electrician.


Scott Comms has electricians capable of both Commercial and Residential wiring. Depending on what you need there are different available offers so that you can get the most affordable service for what you need. To contact Scott Comms and get an electrician out to your place today visit the website.


Why Lighting Can Be So Impactful

If you have ever watched a movie, visited a nice hotel or just been interested in lights then you have noticed what a difference good lighting can make. Any house becomes an area of sophistication, tranquillity or anything else when you have the correct lighting. Lights are capable of casting shadows, reflecting colour and of course emitting a bright light.


Unlit areas will cause whatever is in them to have no definition, substance and just makes those areas a lot less noticeable. When you are working with lights you need to know where you want your lights to be located and if you have areas where you need to be well lit or be highlighted with feature lights. Definition can make anything look a lot more impactful while helping it attract the attention of yours or others gaze. That is why photoshoots, movies and broadcasts have many lights on set so that you will be drawn into whatever they are trying to portray.


This also has the same effect on a house. The lighting adds definitions to areas which can make it look a lot more spacious, enhance certain parts and improve the quality of your overall experience.


Different Lighting Concepts That Extend Generic

Lights are so important that there are a huge variety of options to choose from that differ from each other in design so slightly, but that difference makes a big impact on the area where the more precise lighting was placed. For example, let’s look at a dining room and a games room.


For a dining room, you want the light to be softly spread across a dining table while still having the surrounding areas lit. As nothing in the room needs a specific definition you should look at choosing a light that is less direct and instead choose one that emits the light more evenly. For a table, a pendant light is perfect for both having a well-lit table and a soft glow around the room.


A game room is often a place where you need to have everywhere lit strongly. This is to stop anyone tripping on anything, nothing being bumped into and of course, just being able to look around is great. For this scenario, downlights are one of the best options as they provide good strong lighting that can hit everywhere in the room.


Each Room Needs A Matching Lighting Style

Every room acts like its own ecosystem and as such should be seen as separate from the other rooms in the house. As such, each room should have its own lighting design that matches what the room needs just like the dining room and games room above. How in-depth can you make these room designs, well have you ever heard of heater lights? That’s right, heater lights. They are lights that can be fixed into the roof and are capable of emitting heat just like a heater. If you added one of these to your bathrooms it can help keep the room nice and toasty even after you leave the shower.


Western Australia allows a grant of 25k that can be spent on lighting for homes and areas alike. With this, you can really step up your lighting game and separate your home from the rest of the neighbourhood. By using this money you can have beautiful feature light strips under your kitchen fountain table or in other areas of the house. Another great example is having light strips under your beds so that if you wake up in the middle of the night you won’t step on anything while half awake.


Lighting can really make a difference so make sure to choose a good residential electrician Perth to get yourself started. Order some lights today and contact us at Scott Comms so that we can make your dream design a reality.


So why are we such a good choice? There are many reasons but what really separates us from others is our great customer service, affordable pricing and our go-to attitude to do the job right. The customer is the one designing and we want to make sure your dream design is turned into reality. So before you look anywhere else consider us as your first option.

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Provat Roy
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Best electrician team I have ever met. Excellent team work with enthusiasm. Know their job very well. Professional and friendly. Definitely would like to hire them again & again
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We were taken advantage of by another company Scott very kindly did a comparison quote for us at no charge . There are some honest and decent people in thisworld Faith in humanity restored Thanks Scott
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6:00PM big storm knocked off half the power in the house. one phone call later, and we're running on a (free) generator for the night until a proper repair in the morning. THAT is service.
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Awesome job fellas. Really like how you go about business. You'll go far!