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How To Stop Your Smoke Alarm Beeping

Smoke Alarm

There’s nothing like that feeling of panic when your smoke alarm goes off unexpectedly – especially when the cause is just cooking your morning toast! Sometimes an alarm can continuously beep for no apparent reason as well, which often results in it being forcefully turned off. So, if you’re wanting to make your smoke alarm stop beeping, and want to find out what the mysterious cause could be, this article is for you. 


How to turn off your smoke alarm:


Usually, the easiest way to stop a beeping fire alarm is to just reset it. Like with most technology, it’s always a good idea to turn it off and on again before giving up and buying a new one. Also, it’s important to consider that normally all of the smoke detectors in your house are connected, so this means you have to reset all of them to ensure they won’t just set each other off again.


Steps for resetting your smoke alarm:


  1. Switch off the power from your circuit breaker
  2. Take the smoke alarm out of its mounting bracket
  3. Unplug the alarm
  4. Remove the batteries 
  5. Press and hold the reset button
  6. Replace the batteries
  7. Plug the alarm back in 
  8. Turn the power back on
  9. Place the alarm back in its mounting bracket once again


Why is your smoke alarm beeping?


If a simple reset of your alarm doesn’t work, or the beeping is a recurring problem, then it may be worth checking what the cause is. Also, it’s important to remember that sometimes an alarm will beep a few times (for about 5-10 seconds) when you power it up or install new batteries. 


Causes of a beeping smoke alarm: 


  • The battery is obstructed:

Often a smoke alarm will beep because the battery is blocked by something that is interrupting the connection. Check that you have properly removed the battery pull-tab, and closed the battery drawer completely. You should also make sure the batteries are pushed in properly, as if they are loose that could cause the beeping as well.


  • Environmental Factors:

Often the smoke sensor in an alarm can become clogged with dirt, dust or even insects, and this will confuse the system and cause it to beep. If there’s a lot of steam or humidity in the room that can affect the alarm too.


  • Needs Replacing:

If there aren’t any environmental issues affecting the alarm, and everything is installed correctly, then you may need new batteries, or even a new alarm. Replace the batteries first, and if that doesn’t work the alarm has probably reached the end of its life. 


Tips for avoiding false alarms:


Even though smoke alarms are a necessity in the home in case of a fire, it can be annoying when they go off every time you cook or have a steamy shower. Luckily, there are a few things you can do when installing and maintaining your alarms which will prevent these false alarms. They include:


  • Avoid installing a smoke alarm near stovetops, the doorway to the laundry or bathroom, fireplaces, heaters, or doorways next to barbeques. 
  • Cover the smoke detector during construction work, to avoid dust gathering on the device. 
  • Regularly clean your smoke detector to stop the accumulation of dirt and dust that will confuse the sensor. 
  • Open windows and use extractor fans when you are cooking. 

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