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Here’s what to do when you trip your circuit breaker, and how to prevent it!

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There are all sorts of different electrical problems that can commonly occur with the power in your home. One such problem is a tripped circuit breaker, which could result in an entire section of your house being plunged into darkness. In these situations, you’ll want to know exactly what to do to ensure you can get your power back to normal. The experienced team at Scott Comms have put together this circuit breaker guide, helping homeowners to understand why circuit breaker trips, what to do when it does trip, and how you can prevent the issue from occurring in the first place.


What causes a circuit breaker to trip?

One of the most common causes of a tripped circuit breaker is an over consumption of power on one circuit. This power usage overloads the circuit, causing it to trip. Whilst it may be an inconvenience, it’s actually a sign of a perfectly normal breaker. In this case, the circuit breaker trips, so that it does not overwork itself, potentially leading to it overheating and catching fire. In Perth, we often see circuit breakers trip in summer, with many households using a large amount of power when utilising a range of different fans, air conditioning units and other electrical devices to cool their home.


You may also experience a tripped circuit breaker as a result of a short circuit. This can be caused by a faulty switch, plug or appliance, creating a large amount of current to overload the circuit. In some circumstances, you may also notice a popping sound, sparks, or may even create smoke.


Another cause of a tripped circuit breaker is a ground fault, whereby an active wire comes into contact with the ground wire. These sorts of faults usually occur with damaged appliances or equipment, and can be potentially quite a dangerous issue.


Steps to take when your circuit breaker trips 

If you believe that your circuit breaker has tripped, please follow the following steps to maximise your safety.

1. Switch off all appliances

By switching off all of your appliances connected to the circuit, you can ensure that they won’t be contributing to another trip when you turn the power back on. Due to many circuit breakers being tripped by a power overload, your appliances may be part of the reason why it tripped in the first place.


2. Switch off the master switch 

Make your wait to the power board and turn off the master switch. This will cut all the power to the circuit, ensuring you aren’t going to be hurt while you’re at the breaker.


3. Safety switch 

Having an RCD safety switch installed and always in good operating condition can also help to protect you and your family from getting a nasty zap in the house.


4. Flip the breaker on 

Once you’ve identified which breaker has been tripped, you can then proceed to flip the breaker from off to on. After this, you can begin to turn your appliances back on. If you do find that the breaker keeps tripping, it’s time to get in contact with Scott Comms.


Tips on how to prevent a circuit breaker trip

One of the easiest ways in which you can help prevent a circuit breaker trip in the future is by hiring a residential electrician in Perth to help rewire your home with new circuits that are more appropriate for your current energy consumption. You should also be careful not to connect too many devices to the same circuit, as this can lead to the breaker tripping because of over consumption. It is more advisable to spread these electrical devices across multiple circuits, to alleviate the power load on each one.


Always unplug electrical appliances that aren’t in use, and check to see whether their cords are frayed or damaged in any way. Avoid using large extension cables or power boards, if you do only have a few outlets in your home. This will ensure your power system isn’t being overworked unnecessarily.


Scott Comms

If you are experiencing difficulties with your circuit breaker and would like an experienced residential electrician in Perth to help identify and fix the issues, please call Scott Comms today. We can assist you through conducting a thorough house electrical check to find the cause of the tripped circuit breaker, and help to ensure you don’t keep experiencing it.

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