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Electrical Upgrades That Can Make Your Home Office More Productive

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These days it seems like more and more of us are working from home. Some of that is due to the first fully global pandemic of the digital age or the decentralization of the workplace and the rise of the gig economy model of employment. Add all these new folks to the self-starting entrepreneurs already running home businesses and we’re living in the golden age of the home office.

Whatever your reasons for setting up a home office, it’s always a good idea to make sure you maximize its productivity. Most of the time people think about setting up a home office by just bring all the conveniences of their commercial office space into their home. However, an all too often overlooked aspect of this is getting a professional electrician in to do the kind of upgrades you’d get in a traditional office environment. If you’re in Western Australia and looking for an electrician Perth has some great ones. but here at Scott Comms, our industry-leading residential and commercial electricians have the skills to upgrade your residential home office into a commercial quality operation.

We’ve put together some tips to think about when planning your home office productivity upgrade.

    • Office Lighting (Mood) – Let’s start with the obvious, the lighting in your office is ever-present and can help to create the mood and atmosphere that you personally find most productive. To achieve this think about using lighting as a type of decoration. Here are just a few ideas to get you started

      • Running led lighting along the floorboards can add a cinematic flare but is also going to be functional if you have to get in behind desktop computers and servers to make adjustments.

      • Spotlights can be used to highlight different areas where you spend the most time or help to enhance dark corners to keep the room feel inviting.

      • Downlights are a good idea to flood the area with light and when paired with a dimmer switch can quickly change the overall vibe in a room.

    • Office Lighting (Cost) –  Something to think about here is the energy costs of your lighting set up. If you haven’t switched your home over to more energy-efficient bulbs and systems such as dinner switches or wifi controlled smart bulbs, your office is a good place to start.

  • Office Lighting (Health) – Last but not least on office lighting. You want to make sure you have adequate lighting so you’re not straining your eyes. This may seem silly but if you’re running your own business you could be putting in 12 hour days in that office. The long term effects of spending that much time in a particular space should be taken into effect.

    • When you factor in the effect good lighting set up can have on your mood and how your mood can have an impact on your overall mental health, making the right choice here becomes even more important.

  • Power Up Your Power Points – When working from home you’re going to want all the amenities of a commercial office. This might mean you need printers and photocopiers or you might need to run a personal server or art studio set up with flash and lighting equipment separate from your office lights. To do all of this you’re going to need power points.

    • Don’t fall into the trap of trying to run everything from a couple of powerpoints and a dozen power bars, that’s a recipe for disaster.

    • Think about your office layout when deciding to put in a new power point. You want to make sure you’ve got some accessible places to plug-in devices. You’ll also to have some tucked away, behind computers or other large election equipment like a photocopier. This can help keep your office from turning into a mess of cables running all over the place.

  • Surge Protectors and Circuit Breakers and Wiring –  Your personal safety is the most important thing, that’s why you’re hiring a professional electrician to come to do all your electrical work. That being said, the safety of your work and equipment shouldn’t be taken lightly. When working from home your electrical requirements are likely to be significantly increased and a power surge at the wrong time can result in the loss of equipment and work.

    • Even if your home office is on separate circuits form the rest of the house you’ll want to make sure you use the same professional electrician for both your residential and home commercial work.

    • It might also be time to check on the wiring in your walls as well. If you’re getting work done it’s a great time to have an inspection of the existing electrical wiring in your home and home office.

  • A Fresh Look Can Inspire Productivity. – Let’s say you’ve got a perfectly functional home office already yet you’re finding your productivity has been slipping. This could be because you’ve started to find the same environment stale.

    • Shaking things up can absolutely inspire some fresh productivity and by making adjustments to your space with lighting you’ll save significantly more time and money than if you were to purchase expensive furniture or artwork.

    • Knowing you’re going to have someone in your office space can sometimes inspire you to set goals and deadlines to finish up projects that you may have left laying around.

    • Keeping your home office fresh and up to date can also be a great way to help reassure long term clients that you’re keeping up with the latest in your industry.

If this has given you some ideas about how you could enhance your home office with the help of a professional electrician then don’t wait, reach out to us here and we’ll answer any questions you have. We’ll also give you a free quote for any work you might want to be done by one of your highly skilled Perth electricians. Let us come and work in your home so you can be more productive when you work from home.

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Provat Roy
Provat Roy
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Best electrician team I have ever met. Excellent team work with enthusiasm. Know their job very well. Professional and friendly. Definitely would like to hire them again & again
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Karen Butler
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We were taken advantage of by another company Scott very kindly did a comparison quote for us at no charge . There are some honest and decent people in thisworld Faith in humanity restored Thanks Scott
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Brice Servais
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6:00PM big storm knocked off half the power in the house. one phone call later, and we're running on a (free) generator for the night until a proper repair in the morning. THAT is service.
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Guerrero Hughuez
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Awesome job fellas. Really like how you go about business. You'll go far!